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Travelex Travel InsuranceThe ultimate in travel protection and emergency travel assistance

Travelex Insurance Servicesoffers comprehensive travel protection

Travelex Travel Insurance The ultimate in travel protection and emergency travel assistance.

Consider purchasing Travelex Travel Insurance when planning your Myrtle Beach or Grand Strand vacation. While we all want you to create memories of a lifetime, encountering the unexpected; ranging from an inconvenient flight delay to a vacation cancellation for sickness, or a serious medical emergency. In today’s travel environment it’s increasingly important to protect yourself and your travel investment.

Travelex Insurance Services offers comprehensive travel protection coupled with extensive 24-hour emergency assistance services to meet the challenges of today's travel and help you enjoy a worry-free Myrtle Beach trip.

For a true sense of security, a comprehensive policy from a reputable, independent travel insurance company is paramount. Medical insurance policies may not protect your travels and often have out-of-network deductibles. Likewise, coverage through credit cards and travel suppliers can have serious shortfalls and not fully protect you.

Still not sure you need travel insurance? Check out our list of travel circumstances you may not expect and discover how Travelex can help you along the way.
Consider these unexpected trip scenarios:
A family member becomes too sick to travel.
If you flew into Myrtle Beach and on our way home, the airline goes on strike.
A family member you care for suddenly gets ill or injured.
You are traveling and suddenly develop chest pains.

For a true sense of security, consider these reasons to purchase an insurance plan before departing for Myrtle Beach.

Peace of Mind - What if a hurricane blows through Myrtle Beach? Travelex and their comprehensive plan benefits help get you back on track and find the peace of mind your trip deserves.

Travel Investment - You work hard for the money and time invested in planning your Myrtle Beach vacation. Unfortunately, even the most careful preparation doesn't avoid life's surprises if you need to cancel or interrupt your trip.

Medical Expenses - Ensure you're covered if you see a doctor for a medical emergency while traveling, Travelex Travel Insurance plans will reimburse you for medical expenses when seen for a covered medical emergency.

Emergency Medical Transportation - If an emergency medical evacuation becomes necessary, Travelex will ensure you are transported to an adequate facility to receive treatment.

Personal Belongings - A trip to the beach just isn't the same without swim suits. If your personal belonging items are lost, stolen or damaged, Travelex will reimburse you for necessary items you need to buy and continue having fun on your trip.

Travel Assistance & Concierge Services - Call Travelex prior to departing for Myrtle Beach and get assistance or advice on planning your trip – from booking concert tickets to making dinner reservations or a tee time for one of the hundred Myrtle Beach golf courses.

Travelex Insurance Plans give you a variety of choices with comprehensive benefits and 24-hour emergency assistance services for today’s travel. You may choose the plan which benefits you and your travel situation best.

Travelex has the following plan to choose from: · Travel Select · Travel Basic · Travel Max · Business Traveler · TraveLite · Travel Plus · Flight Ensure Plus

You've planned your Myrtle Beach family vacation all year, get that peace of mind and don't worry about the unexpected. Start your vacation planning by visiting Travelex Travel Insurance. Get a free quote today.. click here to view all their insurance programs now.

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